स्कूल चलें हम ( A Message from Principal )

Universal education is a valued tradition and with good reason – a democracy rises and falls on the education of its children.

Universal, however does not necessarily mean equal or even adequate. In recent decades, educators, policymakers and others have come to understand that the real question is not how to provide all children with schooling but how to create the conditions that enable every child to succeed.

When a child is born, its not just the birth of the baby but also of dreams; dreams that parents visualise for their newborn, and in those dreams lies the future and hopes of the family. The child grows naturally and so do the dreams, and what remains is the preparation of the dreams.

At times you hear elder people saying "I wish I could have imparted these skills to my child for a better future..." To ensure that you don't say any such thing in future to your child, here we provide a brilliant opportunity - Tagore International Public School for you. Accordingly to the researchers it has been proven that the child grasps maximum during the early years. The early years is a time when the mind is open to maximum learning and the skills imparted at this age become the benchmark for rest of life.

We ensure that this stage of life equips your child with the best tributes - emotional, physical, social, moral and intellectual for a perfect future. We value this precious time in the life of your child and we ensure the best measures for this.

Mrs. Lalita Panwar
(Principal Tips Solan)

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